Friday, April 29, 2005

Mac OS X Tiger released today...

about a week after it being leaked. ;) Anyway, here's today's randomness.

Yahoo mail is currently upgrading everyone's account to 1GB. Check to see if yours has updated yet or sign up for a few new ones. ;-)

Here's an amusing link... I'm sure you can piss someone off with this. Instead of TinyUrl(which makes url's small), theres now HugeURL.

Still want Photoshop CS2 but don't wanna pay or use a torrent? Here's a direct download link(Mac Version Here) and here's the crack(figure it out yourself).

Check out IBM's Linux commercials.

Netherlands to add MP3 Player tax which would be about $4 for every gigabyte.

Rosie O'Donnell has a Flickr album... let's laugh at her.

Timberland is having a 40% off sale. Apply coupon code SPGFF for 40% off and free shipping @ or print out this coupon for in-store use.

Atari is releasing a redesigned Atari 2600 this summer for $30. I'll have to add this to my collection.

AIM Sniff is a utility for monitoring and archiving AOL Instant Messenger messages across a network. You can either do a live dump (actively sniff the network) or read a PCAP file and parse the file for IM messages. You also have the option of dumping the information to a MySQL database, a flat file, STDOUT, or any combination of the three.

Here's a FREE 4GB email provider. Check out XasaMail. 4,000MB storage and 15MB file size limit... not bad.

New quiz... what does your birth date mean?

Check out the coolest car I've ever seen... the Acurabot.

Check out the new trend, Liquid Mice. I already have one thanks to Gretchen!

The Wal-Mart scavenger hunt game... try it at a wal-,art near you.

Here's what a few child stars look like today.

Buy your very own X-wing fighter, just $40,000.

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