Friday, April 22, 2005

RSS feed is cool

and if you don't know what it is, Google it!!

Video - Xbox 360 on MTV teaser commercial.

Staples has an online game which gives you a '$10 off $20' coupon. Staples is having a sale on a 50 pack of dvd-r's for 17.94... add a $2 pen to reach $20 then use the $10 off coupon. $10 for 50 dvd-r's is an amazing deal!!

Leo Laporte has started a podcast with Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose and Robert Heron. I had a listen and it was great 'catching up' with these guys. Download the podcast here.

Check out this lady's name...

101 ways to Kill a pigeon

Ebay Auction - Pope Tart

Microsoft is unveiling the new Xbox on MTV May 12th at 9:30PM... WATCH THIS!!

Check out the new mp3 player from panasonic, the D-snap... looks awesome. Weird it's only in Japan... :-/ but it can be imported through Dynamism.

I don't think I'd wanna use this furry mouse. It's kinda creey if you ask me.

Nintendo's first retail store OPENS MAY 14TH!!! I plan on going for this grand opening.

17 things learned while visiting the Star Wars line in the middle of the night.

Judge holds teen's Playstation during probation... how sucky is that>?!

Wow, this is interesting. It's the original "Oops I Did It Again" which ISN'T Ms. Spears' song. It was done by Louis Armstrong... have a listen.


Anonymous said...

hey,, about the link below aways
"The days of using a radar detectors to avoid speeding tickets are over."

i just thought to let you know there is a way around all that money they wasted, its called infrared emitting diodes,, they will fuck up any video camera, ever hold a remote control to a video camera?


Anonymous said...

about the star wars line
here is a link to a payphone number outside of the line, i called and it worked , although they were prob sick of calls from the phone, they left the phone hanging and no one talked, i listened in for awhile and heard various conversations about the starwars galaxy rpg online.. it was funny as hell


Karl said...

i hope you're right about the cameras.. things are gonna get way out of hand if you arent... soon no ones gonna be able to get away with anything... "big brother is watching" haha.

and thats for the payphone link, i'm sure myself and many others will have fun calling this # :)

Anonymous said...

yeah lucky me the payphone link is local for my cell haha,,
and maybe i should patent a video jammer haha, i heard a while back that they are using this tech to catch people in movie theathers from bootlegging movies by blasting infrared in text and time so it shows up in the corner of the screen on the bootlegged video so they know where it was taped from so they could watch out for people taping,, they should just blast the whole screen in infrared so nothing would show up on camera