Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'm Back

I kept checking back to see if this page was updated yet, then realized thats my job ;)... so here are today's random findings. Updates will come throughout the day... so check back!

According to this report, black holes do not and can not exist. hmm, how bout that...

Yahoo has a video search. It's been out for some time, but I think a lot of people just don't know about it. It works just like Google's image search would find pics, but instead videos... it's a nice tool to have.

Wow.. Google also has a video search, but google's site indexes closed captioning from the programs... so you can find what you want by what happens in the program, not just how its named. Google has just started collecting peoples personal videos.

Ask Morris is a website with some random guy answering peoples questions in life... I don't agree with a lot he has to say.. but it's all entertaining. If you're bored(and you must be if you're here) then give it a look.

Hah... I want this pocket pc program.

Well looky here... my pocket pc has the best screen(first picture under psp). I win :)

Google has improved google maps. You can now zoom in anywhere you want.

Win a FREE PSP. Just join this newsletter and you're entered. It's a good newsletter anyway... shows great deals on all types of items.

Here's a thread showing you how to play a multiplayer psp games with just one game. Another great PSP hack.

Verizon DOUBLES DSL speeds! As the article states.. you if you are a current subscriber, you must call and ask for the upgrade so make sure you do!! ** There is infact a little catch, which will require you to stay with Verizon DSL for another full year.**

Wow this is so cool. It's a SD card with built in usb connectivity. Buy me one!!

No-Install.com is a site showing programs that do not have to be installed.. so you could run them off a USB thumb drive or a CD. Finally another great reason to own a thumb drive.

Woops... ex-Mircosoft employee gets caught selling software for personal gain, guess he wasn't slick enough.

Need an excuse? Then go here and let the site make one up for you... seems logical to me.

Find out if your child is a hacker. This is too funny...

IGN compares the DS and PSP... who will win?

Microsoft releases it's car navigation. I'll keep the comments to myself ;)

Noooooooooooo... why does Paris have a PSP. She needs to give it to me.. spoiled 51u7 >_<

It seems blue light can kill nasty bacteria in our mouths. Say goodbye to your toothbrush...

Like Hello Kitty? Like computers? Here... now go have fun.

WTF do you do with this?! This should be in a Gundam Movie. Here's video of it in action.

This car can run on compressed air. Nifty idea..

Check out this new MP3 player. Such a hip fashion statement.. ;)

Lik Sang is still selling the Dreamcast tissue holder. Perfect for Dreamcast fans still crying about the death of Sega consoles... like me :)

IRC has made it to the PSP! Check it out here...

Win tickets to an advanced screening of Kicking and Screaming featuring Will Ferrell.

WOOOOOOOO... Dream Theater has just announced it's U.S. tour and it looks to be a good one. Also on the tour will be Megadeth, Fear Factory, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Nevermore. Tickets also seem pretty cheap for a show like this... can't wait.

Stacy's mom has got it goin' on...

Haha.. the BBC said MILF ;)

Here's a fun flash came called Parachute Retro. Post your sudden death scores.

hmm.. MailOrderHusbands. I really hope this isn't real.

How to dump your girlfriend... OUCH!!

Whoever bids on this mystery box needs to kill themselves.

This is great... there's a Rick James running for mayor but everyone's stealing his "vote for rick james" signs... haha :)

This is amazing! It's crazy pen tricks... how is such a thing possible?! Please teach me...

Funny Comin Strips... sorta :-/

I like George Bush, but i guess this site is funny.

The 100 worst porn titles... yikes to whoever thought these up.

The top 100 things this guy would do if he became an evil overlord.

Ms. Spears needs to die. People wanna look like her?


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:O a comment from morris himself.. i feel special. anytime man.

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