Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Early Start

Found some fun links at 4am so I'll start today's random finds now.

These guys are fighting Street Fighter style, only they're using a chalkboard.

Women claims Mike Vick gave her herpes... he better hope this isn't true.

Oh yay......... now Britney and her husband have their own TV show on UPN.

State quarters we'll never see...

New movies released yesterday/today onto the internet...
2.Fever Pitch(CAM)
3.Assault on Precinct 13(DVD)
4.D. E. B. S.(Screener)
5.Be Cool(DVD)
6.Sin City(Telecine)

How fast are your reflexes? Test em here.

Hmm.. I guess we won't be living onthe moon anytime soon... darn Moon dust.

FREE Schick Quattro for women.

FREE 15-min phone card for a 3 second survey... not bad.

If you can get past this survey, you get $15. Yes its real and yes I made it through... but it was tough.

FREE on day Sam's Club pass.

FREE golfballs... woooooooooo!

Another FREE years subscription to Blender.

Who comes up with this stuff... the "Incredible Popeman"??

If you saw the link for the Shakespearean Insulter but don't have a pocket pc... here's a website that does it also.

Unlimited minutes anytime + unlimited text messages for $50/month from Leap Wireless.

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