Thursday, April 07, 2005

Todays Web Finds...

Someone buy me this arcade cabinet. I think they had this on the newest Real World but they never played it... damn them.

Here's a fun online flash fighting game.. not a bad game.. sux you need to use the keyboard though. Check it out.

FHM's top 100 online games. It's a great list to choose from, here's an example of a great Tron game.

This guy makes some pretty crazy guitars. Check out

Whoever made this is amazing... a live action pong game!!

Free vodka sample... or something.

Here's something quite interesting. An adult online RPG called Sociolotron. You have to be 21+ to play and it's possible to play free if you scan the form and a photo ID and email it to them. I'm trying this out.

Have money to waste?... need a custom golf cart? Then check out this site.

It's funny cuz I was just talking about these things. Big Wheels were awesome and everyone had one. This site makes ADULT SIZE Big Wheels... this is a must buy!!

Hmm.. Congress wants to pass an energy bill to extend daylight savings time.

Goodbye Mandrake Linux hello Mandriva. Recent mergers are behind this name change.

Can you hear me now? Yeah.. annoying aren't they? BUT this is an actual job. Here's the article.. not a bad job IMO.

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