Friday, September 09, 2005

New Day, New Links

Just a reminder about the upcoming ads. Please click them when possible... how awesome would it be to have Family Guy episodes, games, cds, etc send at over 200KB/s?! Also try spread this site to the masses. Thanks again.

thisWEEKinTECH has reached over 1,000,000 downloads... that's amazing!

BitComet .60 is here! If you're not using this or Azureus(I prefer Bitcomet) then YOU LOSE!

Putfile has added personal homepages to their site. DIGG this!!

Adult will start offering shows online!

Sam Adams releases a 50-proof beer. Yum?

Yay for hot girls.

Great guide for installing a larger hard drive on your Xbox. I'm doing this VERY soon.

Free one year subscription to GIANT Magazine. I finally got around to reading my issues yesterday... pretty decent mag.

TWIT episode 21 VIDEO is available for download. Get it!

Download images/videos from your brain to your computer... or even upload to it. Shame this isn't real... it'd be a billion dollar invention.

Pic of the Day

Still aren't running a virus scanner? Go to this site for a free scan. Yes, this actually works...

This guy takes pictures of different pizzas he makes. They look SO good! To be honest I think I'd take those pizzas over the girls I posted above.

The Zelda animated series is coming to DVD!

Get your iPod Nano in all sorts of colors.

This guy put a PC into a guitar. Nice work!

This YTMND is somewhat old.. but it's so good.

Sorry for the lack of torrents.. kind of rushing today.

50 Cent Massacre Video Rips(10)
The O.C. S03E01
Mind Of Mencia S01E10
World War II The Lost Color Archives 1of3


Spitfire said...

thanks Karl!

Aids said...

wow its x-mas everyday now!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the XBox link. I wasn't even aware there was a softmod. Me thinks it's time to grab an XBox now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah now they just have to drop the price to $99. I guess there IS ebay though. Anyhoo, good to have you back Karl, I still think your links are better than any of the other sites (mainly because the torrent shit rocks gmask's socks off).

hillary said...

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