Monday, September 12, 2005

Advent Children is Out!

If you don't know what that is I feel bad for you. It's the movie every single Final Fantasy fan has been waiting for. I'm so excited.. can't wait for English sub-titles. Sorry I don't have Family Guy yet... computer issues. I'll have the new FG and Simpsons for download before the day is over. Please tell your friends about this site. Each of you try to tell 10 other people... have them tell 10 people... etc etc. Thanks guys.. enjoy the links.

It pays to be a ninja...

Diggnation Episode 11 video and podcast is out now!

Funny Kanye West spoof using 80s action figures.

Hey Crackhead!! Just read this. is a pretty entertaining site where people send in anonymous postcards sharing secrets with the world. You won't believe some of these.

The Microsoft keyboard/skateboard. I'm not sure if this is real.. but I sure hope not.

Random Pic

People have been hacking gas pumps... I wanna know how!

Guess the gadget and win $15.

Cnet rates the top 10 games of the last 10 years.

Starting today... Best Buy is having a little video game sale. Games on sale range from $0.99 - $10. Check out the list of games here.

The new itunes phone sucks. Read the part about it limiting you to 100 songs.

Another random pic.

Win the ultimate hippie vacation...

This weird bug eats the tongues of fish... then takes over. Yuck.

Good list of torrents today. Click the thumbnail to find more.

Final Fantasy VII DVDRip This is Japanese w/ Jap sub-titles but atleast it's out!
Mortal Kombat 3&4 Arcade OST
The Simpsons S17E01
Raxco PerfectDisk v7 0 31
DJ Kay Slay - Streetsweepers - Drama Hour Pt 9
Madden NFL 2006 PC [3CDs]Use Daemon Tools to mount this or burn it to CD.
Jenna Jameson - Hot Ship F**k
Family Guy S05E01
Pc magazine October 4 2005
American Dad S02E01
The Devils Rejects DVDSCR
Lloyd Banks-The big withdraw 2005
Fantomas - Suspended Animation
Commodore 64 Roms [105,000 APPROX] [FULL SET]


Anonymous said...

When they announced Advent Children, I was so excited, but it's been so long I don't know if I'm still a fan of it all. But I bet it's worth checking out. Is it just me or is the link not working?

Aids said...

im gonna totaly "shred up" that keyboard/skateboard if it comes out

good stuff today karl good stuff

Karl said...

wow.. the link doesnt work.. fixing now. sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

why would we wanna tell someone about random updates, and a host who dont give a shit if we leave.

Karl said...

ok.. so YOU can leave.. and the people that dont have their head up their own ass can share it. kthx

I told you b4.. I took off for the summer. Get over it.

and stop posting as 'Anonymous' if u wanna be a tough guy.

Stephen Hawking said...

I made it a couple of weeks ago. ^__^

Anonymous said...

kthx karl you gorill mask wannabe.

Karl said...

:) ur exactly right. i wanna own a site that can earn me a living. to even be in the same sentence as him is a compliment, so thank you.

Anonymous said...

you're above Gmask, Karl. Way above him. Get this shit some legs and you'll overtake him. You're all about the rockin links. He's all about "I've got a witty blog entry to force on you as well as some new sites with stolen pictures here!"

We want cool shit to download and look at. Not cliche links, scans of Maxim, and your football picks.


bk said...

whoever wrote about that keyboard being a skateboard is a fucktard. it's the new media center edition keyboard.

i absolutely cannot stand the diggnation idiots. who the hell can sit through that rambling bullshit? good lord! read the stories and get on with it. you're drunkards. we get it.

Karl said...

im just a fan of kevin and alex.. i watch it to see them.. not for the stories. ive loved em since the good ol tss days.

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