Monday, September 12, 2005

Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children

advent children

So last night the movie was leaked but was in Japanese w/ no English subs. Well today when I woke up, fan sub-titles were released so I figured I'd put everything in one place for you. I suggest everyone check this movie out and BUY it when it comes out here. Square is one of the few companies I don't mind giving money to. The movie file is a 699MB avi file. The subtitles have to be downloaded separately. I personally used Media Player Classic to play the movie. It auto loads the subs(or atleast has the option to) and just looks a bit better than VLC in my opinion. Enjoy the movie.

Final Fantasy VII DVDRip (torrent)
Final Fantasy VII English SRT Subs (torrent)
Final Fantasy VII DVDR This is a 4GB dvd with the subtitles already added.
Final Fantasy VII English SRT Subs (direct download)
Final Fantasy VII DVDRip SAMPLE (right click; choose 'save as')

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the fourth link doesn't work. can you fix it.