Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Old School

Sorry... I have jobs and stuff today.. so I'm goin back to the old school, no thumbnail, look. Just for today tho... or whenever else I'm pressed for time.

Anyone ever hear of this NES World Champion cartridge?

If anyones interested in buying the above cartridge... just get it off ebay.

This is kinda 1337.

Have a stuck or dead pixel? Maybe you can fix it.

FREE poster of Cisco routers and switches for all the geeks out there.

Ok I'm still not over how cool the GBA Micro is.. so here's what the US packaging looks like.

Teen pleads guilty to hacking Paris Hilton's phone as well as a ton of other things.

How to find subdomains of a domain using unix/linux.

Here's a list of the longest running TV shows.

Retro Core is an AWESOME downloadable(can be purchased on DVD also) show which shows you old school Japanese video games that you probably haven't seen before. I LOVE this!

Patrick Norton wants our help breaking a server.

Whatever this is.. it's dumb.

Here's an interesting read on photo fakery.

DDR Extreme Dance Dance revolution - jap
50 Cent The Massacre Special Edition CD+DVD
Yngwie Malmsteen-Concerto Suite DVDRip
Pirates Of The Carribean DVD-Rip
The Transporter 2 TC XviD


Aids said...

daaaamn 5,700.00 and climbing for that NWC not worth I say not worth it

and I'd like to add I've never seen an episode of Gunsmoke im talking reruns is it any good?

Karl said...

haha.. i have no idea what gunsmoke is. must be good tho ;)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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bk said...

whoa, i saw that episode of jeopardy! but the 1337 never occurred to me.

Anonymous said...

You guys suck, Gunsmoke is rockin! Not as good as Bonanza but still good ole' Western TV.

Anonymous said...

damn those spam bloggers have gotten bad, the thing i dont get is nobody clicks on your shit or cares about it. so just stop

Anonymous said...

they're not actually people dude. I put a blog up and within 2 minutes it had 2 spams on it. Teh ghost in teh machine!

Anonymous said...

looks like karl is back on vacation, better see what gorilla mask has updated.. again.. daily.

bk said...

holy crap. you talk about spammers, but you're all too lazy to simply type in your own name? all you have to do is check the "other" button, and type in anything. ANYTHING.

why is that so hard?

Karl said...

no.. its called looks like karl has a LIFE. i didnt post one day.. and mainly cuz there wasnt shit to post yesterday. stop crying...... until i make $$ off this.. i dont owe anyone anything. to the people complaining.. have you sent this site to 10 friends each day? nooooooo... i havent seen any rise in traffic...

im sure some of u have.. i really do appreciate it. its just these random faggots that piss me off.

bk sucks blac kcock said...

Hey BK, you got that bitching shit out of your system? It's been established you don't fuck with us, we will take you down.

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