Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Boring Day

A new Systm(subsystm) video is available for download. In this episode, Kevin Rose takes apart the iPod Nano.

Funny message board thread showing a few alternate Nintendogs box covers.

Free Audi keychain

Like Transformers? Well now you can be one... yay!

Calculate how much you owe the RIAA/MPAA. This is fun. :)

Free Everest Mint Gum.

Random Pic

External hard drive case mod made from an old tape recorder.

Make your own DDR pad. I may have to try this...

Check out the new IPTV show, Digital Life TV, featuring Patrick Norton and Robert Heron.

Here's some pictures of the amazing Gameboy Micro... Famicom Edition.

Professors at Harvard want to add chilli peppers to medication to prevent drug abusers from snorting, chewing, or shooting up pills.

Learn how to throw cards like a pro.

Here's a great site showing how to open ports on your router etc...

$123 for an ant with three heads?! I think it's time to sell some things on ebay...

This is what people thought the home computer would look like?! WOW

Click the thumbnail for more torrents.

Yngwie J Malmsteen - Discography
The Transporter 2 TC XviD
Dreamcast Utopia Boot CD
Metallica - Enter Sandman Video
F - Zero X OST
Warner Bros Cartoons- The Complete Year 1946
Dr Seuss - Green Eggs And Ham


bk said...

wow. i thought i missed the boat with this site. i started visiting in august and then it just stopped. but now it's back! maybe a boring day for most, but i got a few days worth of stuff.

woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I owe the Riaa alot of money:)

Anonymous said...

Zarl, Or whoever;

I am using the official BitTorrent. Is there a better client (or whatever) that I should be using?

Anonymous said...

BitLord or Azureus is a good client to use...has lots of nice features

tik said...

Hey there,

That "computers of the future" link refers to a photoshop done for Fark

The user who created that image goes by the name of lukket.

Anonymous said...

who fucking cares?

Mishkin said...

Good work Zarl! Keep up the great posts! Btw, I owe the RIAA and MPAA $487676.98! lol...

Aids said...

careful where you say that son they could be watching....................

Karl said...

i use BitComet .60 myself

Anonymous said...

wonderful, gmask stole the audi link. That leaves us with 0.000001% of a chance that we'll get that now.

brian said...

Great job on the blog. I also like 2006 cobalt

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