Friday, September 16, 2005

Japan Wins

Watched Advent Children last night... amazing. One of the best movies ever, to me atleast. If you're a fan of the game and haven't seen it yet, do so... if you don't know what the game is, you won't like it. :)

Nintendo has done something awesome.... but how awesome?

Coolest store ever... why does it have to be in Japan? :(

Free Krispy Kreme! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Free golf balls... just for Fuzzy.

Awesome band... buy their stuff.

Here's my MySpace profile. I'm looking for 19 year old girls...

"A Query by Humming system allows the user to find a song by humming part of the tune. No musical training is needed.The idea is simple: you hum into the microphone." This is neat.

Great article on PSP emulation.

Wow.. so who's down?

We're goin' to the moon baby!

Wooo! MAME .100 is out!

Opera wallpapers for all you fans out there.


I'll be trying this very soon.

Here's some torrents...

Dimmu Borgir-Stormblast-(Promo)-2005
Family Guy s04e01-10 s05e01 Movie
Final Fantasy VII Last Order [OVA] [Sub Eng + Spanish]
Dream Theater - Images And Words Demos
The Exorcism of Emily Rose 2005 ProPeRBest version out!
My So-Called Life Episode 1x01For all u dumb girls out there
[DVDISO] Final Fantasy VII Advent Children - Limited Edition13GB :)
Jimmy Eat World - Stay On My Side EP 2005
Mind Of Mencia S01E11
Nero 7 Premium Full Release
Dream Theater - The Majesty Demos
Hacking - The Art Of Exploitation
Disney Fables Vol 1-DVDRip
Disney Fables Vol 2-DVDRip
DMX And The Kennel Family - Here We Go Again (The Mixtape)


Mike said...

hey karl what was that website you posted a few weeks ago where you get most of your desktop backgrounds for. -thanks (yay free golf balls)

JJ said...

left out the "h" in http for your myspace link.

thanks for the good stuff man.

bk said...

boy am i tired of people comparing sleek, shiny, white objects to ipods.

Karl said...

mike.. the desktop link was

Jeremy said...

Karl, you do know that is run by the FBI don't you?

Karl said...

yeah.. i actually work for the fbi. you've all been set up

Aids said...

I swear to god ive never logged onto the vivid porn site under a hacked account.........ever

but feel free to post more so we can catch those that do

Jeremy said...

No, I'm serious though Karl. A dude that I know's buddy got busted for uploading Star Wars Episode III to

Tweaq said...

lol ^ and this is of course because mininova is run by the fbi, and not because your buddy is a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

jeremy you're the biggest moron ever, moreso than your buddy.

and Karl, wtf is with your myspace, that shit crashes my browser


Jeremy said...

Fine, you guys can laugh at me all you want. Don't be crying if you do upload torrents to mininova and get hit by the FBI.

greenpoop said...

who uploaded torrents, we just download fromt the fbi

bk sucks cock for quarters said...

I'm tired of BK. Ban that faggot.

Anonymous said...


bk said...

hey, stop picking on me,, whaaaa
gaysex anybody?

bk said...

seriously, i wasn't kidding about the gay sex. I really like mule juice in my mouth and on my face.

bk said...

...did somebody put a sign on my back or something?

bk said...

oh nevermind, it wasn't a sign, just some dried and crusted semen. my bad.

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