Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New Look?

Well I suck at design(I have decent taste but I'm just not artistic) and I'm sick of this ugly ass look, so I'm reaching out to all the zarlwilliam viewers for help. I'm interested in picking up on the blog again but I can't get excited about that if it's this ugly. I'm looking for anyone decent with photoshop and website design. I don't need anything crazy.. and theres only this main page that you'd have to design for. It pisses me off that I suck with this shit cuz I'd do it myself. I want something to reflect my interests in some way... which are computers(of course!), japan, skateboarding, video games, rap, drugs... etc etc. So something urban yet tech.. with a trippy animation feel perhaps. Haha.. I don't even know if this is possible, I'm just putting it out there. If anyones willing to help please lemme know. I don't really have $$ to pay out... but perhaps we can work something out if that's what it takes for something decent looking. I guess the banner is what i want to reflect my interests... the actual page itself can be very simplistic. Here's a few sites which I think have cool design... blographic, ymck, w3sh and pitonneux.blogspot.com. I like how w3sh and blographic have logos. If a new design gets accomplished I plan on getting a server to host files from. I'm tired of this hotlinking BS or linking to sites full of ads. I have a ton of stuff to share and thats really the only way i'll be able to do it. So for those with skills... please consider helping out. For the rest of the viewers, stay tuned... big things may or may not be happening.


BankLocater said...

How much bandwith do you need for these files? I may be able to set up an FTP folder for you.

PRCman said...

Hey Karl !

I am PRCman, the french webmaster of blographic.com and in the w3sh team.
I've found your weblog in my stats and i'd say thank you for loving my new design :)

Best regards,


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