Monday, November 28, 2005

Daily Deal(s)

eBay 10% off ($25 max) with PayPal, expires 12/18

30% Off @ Foot Locker (Online) 11.28.5-12.1.5

DVD player with Divx $20 + ~$6 ship (has 5.1, DTS & optical out) currently out of stock but keep an eye on this

Corsair 1GB DDR2-533 PC4200 $69.49 (Free 2nd Day)

Free Flights on AirTran with cups at Wendy's expires 12/31 DO NOT WAIT!!!

Staples 50% off sale

circuit city 5 hour sale m-f 11am-4 pm 3 Hour Sale Starts at 12pm ET 11/28/05


Anonymous said...

Bout time you got your ass back in gear on updating this damn web site. Don't let me down again zarlie boy.

Anonymous said...

I second that motion! Strangely enough, it seems that DDR2 memory is cheaper than DDR these days. I'm looking to buy corsair 1GB PC3200 RAM and its $83 at newegg.

Karl said...

try altho newegg is usually one of the cheaper places... also check slickdeals tho. theres always some 3 day deal with instant rebate/free shipping at one place or another.