Thursday, November 10, 2005

utorrent 1.2 has been released! This version includes DHT support. I stongly suggest all you torrent users to try this out. The program is super small, no install, and it barely uses any resources!

Here's a giant collection of rubiks cube pics. Wow there's a lot.

FREE rainbow tables :)

1GB flash drive for $46.50 @ newegg + free shipping!

Play Doom on your ipod nano.

Here's a cool xbox media center site.

funny commercial

Yay... here's another link for

NetMagazines has the 3 year subscription to Rolling Stone Magazine for $36 - $30 coupon DCMPS30D = $6. Remember to select the 3 year option.

Rolling Stone Magazine

When passing out goes wrong.

Paris Hilton's b/f crashes her bentley. Be sure to download the video clip. hahhhhhhhh!

haha. kevin federline has a rap song. this might be worse than fieldy's dreams.


Anonymous said...

....whats a rainbow table?

Karl said...

its a ;)