Sunday, November 06, 2005

Andy Milonakis Comeback

Who knows if we'll ever see a second season of The Andy Milonakis Show but Andy hasn't left us for good just yet. Recent news on tell us that Andy has a rap CD in the works. I'm sure it won't be anything serious.. but I know I'll be buying it. On top of this, Andy has just made a song with the rapper J Kwon titled "Like Dis"... scroll down to download the song. If that isn't enough Andy Milonakis for you, you could always watch the movie "Waiting" which came out in theaters not too long ago(or you could just download the movie here). Hope this was enough to get your Andy Milonakis fix.

Download J Kwon ft. Andy Milonakis - Like Dis

01 J Kwon Ft Andy Milonakis - Like Dis (Clean) 04:01
02 J Kwon Ft Andy Milonakis - Like Dis (Dirty) 04:01
03 J Kwon Ft Andy Milonakis - Like Dis (Instrumental) 03:58
04 J Kwon Ft Andy Milonakis - Like Dis (Accapella) 03:36


guy with hat said...

hu. im not good w/ torrents, could u please get waiting in a direct download, please?
thankx in advance :D

Karl said...

nope.. not possible. files too big.

guy with out the hat said...

hi, im good with torrents, ill teach you, you take your mouse and click on the link!

Anonymous said...

This shit is bumpin as hell but ya'll dumbass website can't download shit u illiterate motherfuckers.