Saturday, December 17, 2005


Be on the lookout for a new pics and videos section coming very soon. The pics section will be funny/interesting pics... this will be in addition to my textamerica link.

Apple iBook (1.33GHz G4, 512MB, 40GB) 12.1" Laptop + Mighty Mouse $799 after $150MIR

I Have the Power Penny Arcade's take on the Wikipedia scandle.

Windows Vista 5259 Pics Latest screenshots on the Flexbeta Forums... looking nice.

The Pi Trainer See how many digits you know.

NES Legend of Zelda Rom Hack Features 18 new dungeons. Try it out on your favorite NES emulator(mines FCEultra).

Erika Michelle Bayer NSFW

Hack your Roomba (officially!) Looks fun...

Copy Protected CD-Rs We'll see how long these last before they're cracked.

Amp'd Mobile Finally Launches These phones look nice... we'll see how the service stacks up.

GMail Mobile Check your mail from your cell phone.

Me and My Katamari Screenshots The PSP version of the unique PS2 games... I've still yet to play them. :*(

Saw 2 DVD Screener This is the xvid version.

The Story of Adolf Hitler DVDRip XviD

Last Howard Stern Show on Normal Radio For collection purposes.


kyle said...

Hey hows it goin love the site. but id like to request that for one of the next updates that you make it a large list of the coolest torrent or your favorites. i just downloaded azures and i wanna download some good roms or jjust cool stuff. anyways thanks for the site

Karl said...

search for 'cool stuff' there :)

most rom sets can be found here... .

in the next week or so im going to be doing an article on bittorrent and private sites/trackers. Private sites are the best part of torrents... i max out my connection everytime.