Tuesday, December 13, 2005

(Insert Title Here)

I hate coming up with titles when I just have random stuff to post... so make one up. I had nothing to post over the weekend and didn't wanna just post to post... nah mean? So I guess I have a few sties to share today etc. I'm still trying to work on the design(it's still far from finished) and trying to work in daily schedule of specific things to post each day... like every Tuesday is 'Download Tuesday' etc etc... but I don't have any other ideas. I'd like to have TV shows shared the day after they're on TV but I would need help uploading them unless its only one or two shows a week. So if anyone has any suggestions post em in the comments. Anyone gone dumpster diving for those wendy's coupons yet and if so, how'd it go? Interested to see how people are making out with one of the best 'free' deals ever.

Free $50 GC w/ Select MP3 Player @ Best Buy Great deal if you were planning on buying an MP3 player anyway.

100pk Memorex 16X DVD+/-R $20 or 200pk Verbatim 16x DVD+/-R $42 I'd go with the Verbatims personally.

Western Digital 300GB Hard Drive $70 after $90MIR Amazing deal if you're OK with mail-in-rebates.

Victoria Secret panties/thongs $3.99-$6.99 This is for all the girls that wanna impress me.

Best Buy 10% off coupon *In-store only*

5% off (up to $100) coupon on Electronics @ Amazon.com Not bad if you were already planning on shopping here.

Sprint PCS Friends and Family plans+free vision+ mobile to mobile + roaming ($30/500,$50/1250,$100/2500) Great deal if you're looking for a new cell phone plan. Sprint/Nextel are getting better and better since the merger.

256MB Secure Digital(SD) card FREE after MIR Once again, this is a great deal if you don't mind mail-in-rebates.

Motorola RAZR (Verizon) $99.00 after rebate + $75 Gift Card

Colorize Black and White Photos This is awesome. The program makes it pretty simple too.

Essential Wireless Hacking Tools As the link says...

Firefox Tweak Guide Yet another guide, although this one claims to be better.

Play Sim City Classic Free! This doesn't work in Opera... and you must register first.

Make a Macro Lens from a Pringles Can For all you photographers out there.

OpenOffice templates OpenOffice is a great FREE alternative to Microsoft Office.

Touring the Microsoft Xbox facilities Be sure to check these pics out.

iDOG is dead, long live the iMartian! Japan sure loves these robots.

HTC-3800 and 3850 Mini PC These are niiiiice!

More Deals and Tech posts along with freebies, random links etc tomorrow. See you then!


Anonymous said...

the best buy coupon no longer works. :(

Anonymous said...

what do u mean it doesnt work?

i just downloaded it.

brookhaven said...

I could help you upload new episodes of Lost.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the best buy 10% off from rapidshare also. When I try to open it, it shows up in the view window, but I get a message that says the image could not be loaded, and it wont let me print it. If I scroll my window, any part leaving the screen never reappears when I scroll back.

Karl said...

well #1.. its on megaupload. #2 it works.. maybe u guys have outdated adobe acrobat versions? ive d/l at a few diff locations.. each one worked fine.

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