Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Download Tuesday

I have NO upload bandwidth to spare today so DT will have to wait until next week... or maybe I'll up a few files later in the week. If any of you have files to share.. post the download link in the comments. I'm sure many would appreciate that. Atleast you have the post below this to entertain you for today.

Here's a nice list of ebooks and magazines on RapidShare.


I think I'm going to be adding daily torrent links again. That seemed to be a big hit and torrents are so easy that almost everyone can use them(some people are just dumb and others run into firewall issues etc). Each day I'll pick a few big releases. If nothing good is out that day(happens on occasion) then nothing will be posted. So here's a few for today...

The Chronicles Of Narnia The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe This is the maVen xvid release. AMAZING quality... almost DVD. Grab this if you aren't seeing it in theaters!!

Aeon Flux Great xvid release from PRODiGY. Again... grab this if you aren't seeing this in theaters or just wanna see it again.

Wedding Crashers Unrated DVDRIP 1.39GB xvid version.

Victorias Secret Fashion Show HDTV Incase you missed it... or need to see it again ;)

Eminem - Curtain Call The Hits [Deluxe Edition][2CDS] If you're into this sorta thing.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the aeon flux link

Karl said...

hey no prob

if anyone has any requests.. feel free to say whatever in the comments. the comments are a place for all the viewers to say whatever they want.