Thursday, December 08, 2005

What's Going On?

Ok... so if you visited the site a few times yesterday you probably noticed it looking different each time. I'm still trying to decide where to go with the design/layout/etc but it's moving along. I've decided to go with a fluid design which adjusts it's size depending on the resolution or even the size of the browser window itself. Someone said to me yesterday "why are you designing around one resolution and hoping they're viewing it maximized? I thought 1998 was over..." which was the 'harsh' truth and it hit me. Most sites are designed to be viewed with a maximized browser or a higher resolution(which in some cases has to be)... but why? Main reason... because it's easy/easier. Whatever though... if it works it works. I just want my site to be done correctly... even though I have never done any sort of web design before, I'm willing to take the time to learn and do things right. My end goal is to have an eye appealing website which works in Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Opera, and Safari(who cares about Netscape?) and can be viewable at any size/resolution. Will this happen... who knows. Yesterday was day one for me and CSS design. Today I'll be working on a minimum width issue with IE, try to fix up the side bars, and maybe even get some kind of banner up top... so wish me luck. If anyone is any good with CSS or javascript(or even AJAX) and wants to help let me know. I'd like to be able to not have to use a minwidth command for when the browser window gets small enough but rather have javascript take the left sidebar(sponsor bar) and place it under the right sidebar alowing the main body more room itself. Is this even possible??

Also I'm going to be selling adspace for the left sidebar. That bar can go allllllllllllll the way to the bottom so theres plenty of room. I'm thinking of taking the Million Dollar Homepage idea and sell 40x40 blocks of space for $3 a month(yes $3!) unless of course traffic goes up(which it soon will) so then it might go to $5. You really can't beat that. So if anyone's interested in that please let me know. First come first serve for the top spots on the sidebar.

Ok.. so I'll throw in a few deals for todays holiday shopping before I get back to work.

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Anonymous said...

The site and banner are looking good.

Anonymous said...

Probably not a bad idea...But on the flip side...can anyone actually SEE these little pixel ads?? No. I like what this site is doing... least here you can actually see what you are clicking on.

Karl said...

heh.. thats a new one. interesting to see what ppl are doing.

i wanted to do something like 40x40 which is small.. but not too small (the size of a AIM buddy icon or so) and organized... we'll see what happens tho.