Thursday, December 15, 2005

Im Hungry

I'm on IRC (I usually hang out in #xbox on efnet) and we're talking about food and it made me mega hungry. Anyone else think deep fried turkey sounds amazing? YUM! I think I want a deep frier in my room.. and just throw everything possible in there... is that fat? And wtf... it's snowing. That means its effing cold out. Booooooooooooooooo. I'm listening to Sublime - 40oz to Freedom and trying to think warm. This is probably one of my top 10 favorite CDs of all time. Amazing CD to just sit back and get high to. Anyway... here's some links for today. I need to make little icons for each section instead of putting deals, random, tech etc in bold. That's so ghetto. If anyone thinks they could design some.. let me know. Something small maybe 60W x 30H or so.. nice and simple. Word.. everything will be out of order today.

Snoop has his own skateboard company Why?

Samsung C207 $30 @ No Rebates & No Contracts This phone can be unlocked to work with T-Mobiles servies also. Great deal.

Inspiron Pentium M 1.8GHz 15.4" WXGA Laptop $699 or 2GHZ, X300, WSXGA + more $799 More amazing laptop deals. Pentium M's are GREAT processors and the best option hands down for laptops.

free $75 at party poker If you're into this stuff... and beware of spyware/adware!

FREE perfume sample of LOVELY by Sarah Jessica Parker Even though she's an ugly bitch... you girls seem to like her.

120GB Seagate hard drive for 39.99 This is sold out online but should still be available in-store. You can try to get away with using that 10% off coupon even though it says flash and external drives only... but worth a shot.

Hot Naked Girl

All the free file hosts you'll ever need

The flimsiest clock in the world Weee!

Cool Wildlife Pics First one is amazing.

Worst/Whitest Rap Battle Ever Haha

Um... Weird pic. I don't get it.

13 Gram Blunt Wow.. and I thought I've smoked some big blunts.

Pic of Heidi Klum Probably the hottest girl out there in my opinion.

Gauntlet Seven Sorrows Latest XBOX game available for download.

Nero 7 0 1 4 Multi Lang Update NO Yahoo Toolbar Latest version of Nero.

Virtual Boy Roms [66] [FULL SET]

King Kong Not sure on the quality of this... but there a sample torrent at the bottom of the page if you wana check it out.


brookhaven said...

umm why would any1 want to get brass knuckles sewn into their chest?

Karl said...

cuz ppl are CREEPS

Aids said...

johnj189 said...

That brass knuckle thing is a body mod. It developed from 'beading' which was basicly the original item that was placed under the skin - teflon beads. It developed into all sorts of stuff, including brass knuckles apparently. I don't know if this would heal good, and the finger-holes seem like perfect spots for infections to form and grow. That lizard guy Eric Sprague has implants where his eyebrows were so he looks more reptilian.

Karl said...

haha yeah aids.. im with you ;)

and thanks for the info johnj189. i had no idea what was going on.

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