Thursday, December 01, 2005


So has anyone bought anything thru slickdeals yet?

Printable friends and family coupons: KenCole, Footlocker, SportsAuthority, Guess, Timberland etc

Sears $10 Gift cards to first 25 to 500 customers Sat. Dec 3rd, 7-10am YMMV

Gameboy Micro at Target for $99.00 and comes with a $20.00 gift card (until 12/3) Buy a few and return the micro while keeping the giftcards... BAM free presents :)

$15 off $100 at Circuit using in-store pickup Valid until 12/3 so hurry!

Tons of Sub-$300 Systems at Dell Outlet Use a Dell $20% off code for even better deals! Theres NO reason anyone should not have a computer with this deal!! *LINK FIXED*


Asian Mike said...

yeah i bought that creative fx soundcard a couple days ago. used to coupon for in store pick up to save $15. then got another $40 with mail in rebates.

LA said...

I found a great one through slickdeals but I am waiting to see if it will work. Basically one of the mail in rebates ($100)for OD only requires the photo copy of the upc and a photo copy of the reciept. I made a copy of everything without opening the box and returned it. I am hoping to get the 100$ in the mail, and i was planning on having my girlfriend do the same thing at a different OD sotre latter today.


Karl said...

nice and nice :)

Anonymous said...

got a coupon for that 20% ? or a link to it i mean

Blurrz said...

Dell link doesn't work...