Thursday, June 09, 2005


blahhhhhhhhhhh. Here's your f**king links. How bout submitting some for once. And not the ones that were cool 4 years ago. I'd like this site to be the first place people find new news. I can't find it all but I'd like to think I do a damn good job. And instead of stealing my links... why not refer people to me and help a nigga(i'm white) out.

thisWEEKinTECH has released episode 8A which covers the MacIntel deal. Download it here.

This computer tower is made entirely out of case fans... cool! ;)

Apple lists the top 50 dashboard widgets. They need to hurry up and release the intel computers so I can try these out on my PC.

Zombie Arcade: What would you do if you woke up inside the video game you were just playing. Watch!!

"Japan unveils "robot suit" that enhances human power"... wtf. They need to calm down with all this robotic jazz.

Warner Bros. has created sites for each character in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Check em out... I got me a Mike Teavee wallpaper.

Middle school student finds 'flaw' in state-approved calculator. The school held a small ceremony to honor him... that made me smile. Yay for geeks!

So I'm searching Yahoo! images for 'goatee'... you fags!

Hey look... it's the ugliest car ever!

World's 'biggest' computer hacker caught!

Random pic of the day. If you have any funny or entertaining pictures, feel free to post them in the Funny Pics thread on the forums.

Random pic #2. Only cuz I laughed out loud seeing this...

Free old time radio shows for download. I've said it before and I'll say it again... I love old stuff like this.

Saturn's moon, Titan, may contain an ice volcano. I want an ice volcano!

No good torrents today! Click the thumbnail and find your own.


Tweaq said...

HACK THE PLANET!!! That's just awesome. think i might have to do a little port scanning on them. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Oh Shit, my sides hurt. I have been getting coworkers to search for "Goatee" on Yahoo image all morning. That is freaking hilarious.


Karl said...


Anonymous said...

WOw, I just found the best pr0n pay-site ever

ty mr.cracks

Anonymous said...

not teh gibson -tiki

Bushi said...

Goatee = all me :) Dont thank karl thank his mother. She gave me the idea. :)

Mike said...

This is pretty bad ass dude

Light Tubes

Reminds me of those two fucking idiots who tried to re-enact a lightsabre battle and really hurt themselves.

Karl said...

eff bushi.. he suggested i use google images goatee.. which brought up a different picture. yahoo is ALL me. :)

and thanks for the link mike.

Mike said...

anytime bro...always willing to help out a fellow New Jersian....damm I miss WAWA

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