Saturday, June 04, 2005

Free Ice Cream

Weee. Free ice cream tomorrow at Friendly's between 12 and 5PM. Make sure you hit that up as much as possible. I think I have a few near me. Anyway... keep submitting great links, it's helping me out a ton. Thanks guys(and girls maybe?).

Learn how to drive with this Driver's Ed. flash game(or just have fun playin it).

I didn't know Darth Vader was a DJ. I hate Star Wars... but this is pretty cool.

Who knew there were so many uses for the Mac Mini!

Awesome shockwave game titled 'Leo Steel and the Aztec Gold. Just run and jump!

Check out this all chrome motorcycle. Nice, but just a little too flashy for me.

The dark side seems to be with Alienware.

Watch this bear "eat a banana or something." Hah

Random pic of the day.

Video Game Vixens contest. Be sure to check out the other categories too.

Check out this R2-D2 PC case mod. It's a little sloppy but still awesome. Thanks for the link Chris.

Play videos on your iPod!

New research shows that life on Mars is unlikely. Gee, no kidding...

New Bluetooth hack found. Weeeeee

New news on the Nintendo Revolution. "... Harrison then confirmed that past-gen, Nintendo-created titles will indeed be downloadable for free." This is the best news I've heard all week!

NASA teaches you how to solder with 6 downloadable clips.

Use your iPod Shuffle without iTunes. Good stuff!


2.IntelliVision Games One of the best consoles ever!
3.XBOX Soft-Modding With Guide
4.David Cross - It's Not Funny [mp3]
5.Dream Theater w. Barry Greenway of Napalm Death LIVE 1995 - Master of Puppets

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