Saturday, June 25, 2005

White Trash = Booooo

Sorry if the links suck today... I did this as fast as possible. My annoying white trash neighbors are having a big ol' white trash party blasting white trash music so loud that I can barely think straight. I'm thinking about blowing them all up with a rocket or something. Normally I don't mind white trash.. but they need to keep to themselves... my neighborhood is far from white trash and I'll be damned if that starts now. Sorry for the rant... here's the links. Oh yeah... who made this picture, it's hilarious.

There's probably 20 or so girls my age at this party next door... THEY ALL HAVE KIDS!! I rest my case...

Awesome flash video that goes along to a John Coltrane song. Watch this!

An interesting mod... this guy turns an Atari joystick into a USB hub.

This is old but still funny. I'm not even going to describe it, just watch.

The coolest new way to advertise.. or talk s*** to someone. I demand you check this out.

Great photos of some rare clouds. Looks like they belong in a video game... These are REAL.

Random picture of the day. If you're not a geek you probably won't get this.

You can now upload pics directly to Blogger's servers. This is great news for any blogger/blogspot user.

Haha... the most ghetto hack I've ever seen.


1.Liquid Tension Experiment 2 Awesome improvised instumental music. One my fav cds.
2.McDonalds Recipes Make your own McDonalds food... Heaven you say? Well you, my friend, are 100% correct!
3.Dead or Alive 2 LE[Dreamcast][CDI]
4.John Coltrane-LiveTraneUnderground
5.SCOOBY DOO, WHERE ARE YOU? 1x03 DivX (Original Series)


Tweaq said...

lol damn white trash. i live in TN so i know about white trash (I'M NOT WHITE TRASH). have your own party, with ALL the black people you can find, and blast some rap. or you could just call the cops, tell them their cooking meth or something... lol

Anonymous said...

haha,, glad you got the pic - tiki

Mike said...

DOWN WITH WHITE TRASH! Its a toss for me though man, Cherry Hill...or Orlando. Both have their fair share