Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Take a look at everything that went into making the new Batmobile from Batman Begins.

'DVD Jon' has done it again... this time he cracked the new Google video player.

What if Operating Systems Were Airlines? (this is VERY funny)

The U.S. plans on resuming plutonium 238 production. Anyone remember Marvin the Martian and his Plutonium P-38 space module... haha.

I'm sure a ton of you know about this but for those that don't... has a ton of songs available for download for only 10 cents per song. Much better than what iTunes has to offer.

Apparently Dave Chappelle loves World of Warcraft.

New link for free 6 issues of MacWorld! This will stack with the other MacWorld links as well... for a total of 18 issues.

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Erika said...

i want the batmobile... well, with AC...