Sunday, June 26, 2005

Small One

I wasn't even going to post today... but I'll give ya something. Anyone interested in helping design/build the new website? It needs to be awesome... but I can't do that alone.

New link for 1 year free subscription to Blender.

Free subscription to Remix Magazine.

Random picture of the day.

Win 3 free iTunes music download codes. It says you can only play once a day but you can just use a fake name and new email address if you want.

And now from the WTF files... "Doctors in Bangladesh have a removed a living fetus from inside the body of his 16-year-old twin brother."

Ever like the song in the commercial playing but didn't know the name of it or how to find out? Go to this site and have a look.

Download vintage Computer Bowl videos. These are pretty neat.

Funny video... just watch.

The camera man breaks this guys head. No... yeah?

Transformers the movie is coming!!


Mike said...

what kind of look are you going for man?? I might be able to help a bit.

check out my stuff for a refrence

Anonymous said...

where can I find a keygen for Weatherbug 6.05?

Tweaq said...

also on the itunes songs, you just need a different email addy. i suggest, as you don't have to sign up, just enter the name you want to check the mail of. im up to tweaq30 now, lol

Bastich said...

I think this site is already awesome. The content is great.

Banklocater said...

Karl I am down. Although I agree with one of the previous posts, this website is sick.

Anonymous said...

Score! I finally hit one of the free magazine things! I cant help with web designs or anything cool, but I can help with cool links once in a while if needed!

Karl said...

mike.. u have some nice stuff... we'll have to talk. about the weatherbug serial... tweaqs right.. if its not at, it probably isnt available. and thatnks for the other comments guys im glad you like this site... i like it too but apparently only 500 or so others do too. I'd like to increase that number to a few thousand or something. i think a lot of people are turned off to my site because its still a blogspot page or because its a little simple... i just want the new page to look crisp and new... still simple yet very functional. The content wont change at all... it will just get better and better. If anyone has any ideas to contribute, please let my know. thanks people.