Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Street Fighter is Better

Yeah this is late... I was feeling lazy. Since this is the best site in the entire world I wasn't too worried. There's a poll asking who would win in a fight... Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. Please vote! I've also added a TV section to my side links which now has direct downloads for the newest american dad and family guy. i plan to add TONS more. Check it out. parody.

"Teen Gets Life Sentence For Helping Girlfriend End Pregnancy"

So apparently the Revolution downloads won't be free. Boo.....

Great site for everything Slackware. Learn how to set it up and get it going. Now install it!

The 50 biggest nerds of all time.

Funny clip of an idiot setting himself on fire. Fire is good!

This guy takes childrens unfinished drawings and 'touches them up.' Great site.


1.GTA: San Andreas for PC
2.PC World July 2005
3.Jessica Alba Completely Exposed at 2005 MTV Movie Awards Full Set of 89 High Resolution Photos
4.RUSH - 1977-09-30 - San Diego, CA
5.GTA:San Andreas +10 trainer



Blurrz said...

Just wondering why that bonus torrent is a .exe file?

BuBuBuBia said...


Bushi said...

Yeah its a exe...karls a dumbass :)

Anonymous said...

Some of the pr0n torrents are now extracted via .exe

Most are harmless - beware though.

Karl said...

yes.. its safe.. damn. but to be on the safe side.. dont RUN the exe. just right click and choose extract. NEAT HUH?!!!!! if u cant extract... get winrar which u should have anyway... and if u STILL cant extract it.. just delete it.

Bushi said...


Blurrz said...

Fair enough. Thanks!

Karl said...

sorry if i came off as an ass... i just woke up when i wrote that.

Blurrz said...

No worries.