Monday, June 27, 2005

Slow Day

Lack of cool stuff today but I did the best I could. I wanted torrents for all the shows on MTV that aired last night but nothing has been released to the public yet. I hope to have the new Family Guy and the Andy Milonakis Show uploaded somewhere by the end of the day.

FREE subscription to SYNC Magazine. This is my favorite one out of the group.

Another link for a FREE Blender subscription. These all 'stack' meaning you can sign up with yesterdays link then today's link and you'd have 2 years free... etc. The validation code for this is 97816. You could also try other numbers I'm sure.

Apparently Eve the singer/rapper has a sex tape. Right click the thumbnail and choose 'save as.'

Random picture of the day. This is straight hood yo...

Auction for a 'Hypersonic Spotlight Sound Unit' which claims to be the most important audio invention in the last century. Someone on here must buy this!

Black Motorola RAZR coming to Cingular July 1. This is one of the best looking phones in North America... although South Korea wins for best phones.

Make your own homemade water gun.

Honda thinks it's OK to let Asimo(a robot) to help kids cross the street. Oh yeah... thats a great idea....

Here's an http link for thisWEEKinTECH episode 11.

The latest addition to the IPTV tech shows. Could these be the next screensavers' hosts?

Pretty weird flash game. See how tall you can make the plant without it tipping over. I got 15.8 ft so far... post your high scores.

Torrents of the day...

1.Sin City DVD Rip
2.Family Guy 4x07
3.MAME v0.95 Full Romset
4.Pulp Fiction (1994)
5.Entourage 2x04
6.Pink Floyd 8 gigs Discography
7.Bugs Bunny - Mutiny On The Bunny - 1950
8.SCOOBY DOO, WHERE ARE YOU? 1x04 DivX (Original Series)
9.SCOOBY DOO, WHERE ARE YOU? 1x05 DivX (Original Series)
10.Lindsay Lohan Music Videos


Anonymous said...

i want that speaker to make people think they are crazzzy !! -tiki

Broon said...

34.1 feet in flash game

Nic Seow said...

HO SHIT! you're good, broon. i got 16.0 feet on 2nd try ;)

Tweaq said...

i got 26 feet on the first try, and i wasn't even sure how to lose.

Chef Diddy said...

29.1 - simple mouse clicking games are under-rated...

Aphim said...

14.4 feet.... lame...