Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm happy

but I can't tell you why... so here's some fun links. Thanks to everyone who sent me links, you know who you are. Great stuff.

Apparently Korea doesn't like Japan.

The funniest 2 minutes of this weeks Family Guy. Watch and laugh.

Funny flash game featuring Bill Cosby. Want some pudding?

IIP’s retinal implant restores limited eyesight to the blind. Now everyone can enjoy my site!

Random picture of the day.

Song of the day... funny Dell parody.

Robot goes crazy in hospital. We need to stop making these things...

So i was searching Yahoo! images for a picture of a beard...

Gentoo founder hired by Microsoft.

The racial draft. Amazing


1.GTA:San Andreas NO CD CRACK
2.PSP 1.5 Swap Exploit Read HERE for details.
3.Batman Begins CAM version sucky..but its better than nothing. I'll post a better release tomorrow(after everyone else updates their site so they don't steal my links again.)
4.GBA - Latest ROMz - (1854 - 2011)
5.Rage Against The Machine - Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium - DVDRip Remember them?



Anonymous said...

haha, gil sealing your batman? :O(
how far did you get on the cosby game,
did you make a phone call?

Karl said...

haha.. i wont mention any names. i didn't make it very far at all in the game... it just made me laugh.

Tweaq said...

hows the audio on the batman. i (or someone) could put the english audio on the good russian video

Blurrz said...

How could you do something like that?

Karl said...

havent watched it myself. i read theres a few parts missing in the cam release. there should be a new release by tomorrow. im hoping to see something from SAOSIN(the best release group).

you would have to use video editing software... remove the audio track from the russian release then add the audio track from the CAM version. Sync it up, then reencode. more annoying than hard...

Tweaq said...

i KNEW that, just really didn't want too. and yeah, im hoping for a saosin release.

Anonymous said...

haha, this is what happens after you beat the cosby game!

Karl said...

nice job tiki. and i knew u knew tweaq. ;) i was explaining to blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrzzzzz

Anonymous said...

i masturbate in my sleep

Karl said...

thats fun