Sunday, June 12, 2005


Sorry for the delays, but it's now officially summer to me(yes, i know it's not the 21st yet...) so that means I actually leave the house!! I'll try my best to update on a regular basis but I can't promise anything. Maybe I'll just take off on the weekends. Your submissions could help me out a lot... so maybe on weekends it could be ALL reader submissions?.... sound good? And remember, Family Guy is on tonight!! Here's some links...

Free subscription to American Cheerleader. YES.. this magazine sucks... but you could always sign up one of your friends. ;-) Have fun.

24 Different Ways To Lace Shoes. This is fun.

OS X for Intel hits piracy sites.

MAME is running on the PSP. For those that don't know... MAME is an emulator that runs arcade games.

A list of what ports to use for certain applications. Comes in handy when you don't know which ports to open.

T-Shirt Hell brings back 'Worse Than Hell' shirts after an attempted hit was targeted at the owner.

"Sony's handheld targeted as UMD 'dumping' utility hits web - memory stick ISO player expected within days." Great news for PSP owners everywhere.

Philips 4.7GB/120-Minute DVD-Rs (10-Pack) FREE after MIR.

Engadget uses Mike Portnoy/Dream Theater reference.

Random picture of the day.

Top 5 torrents of the day.

1.Mr And Mrs Smith Yes.. the movie that just came out but this is a CAM version so the quality is not so good. Depends on how much you want to see it I guess...
2.Mac OS X Tiger X86 Here's the torrent for the Intel/os x mentioned in one of the articles above. I don't know if this is real... download at your own risk!
3.Ebook - Photoshop CS2 For Dummies
4.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PC Saved Game 100%
5.Dreamcast quad emu pack(cdi)


Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried that Mac OS X Tiger X86 yet?

Karl said...

i have about an hour left on my download... i think it's fake though :(

Anonymous said...

why do you think it's fake?

Karl said...

its fake.. mine finished plus theres a few forumswith everyone saying its also fake

Anonymous said...



Karl said...

its sunday.. no pr0n. :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone have a good torrent link for DOOM 3 or Sim City 4 that WILL work?

zey said...

do you know where i can find winrar? my comp crashed and i lost everything!

Tweaq said...

karl did you try burning it to a dvd? Mine finished, but i don't have a dvd writer. You may hae to boot into it or something. I'm clinging to that glimmer of hope, lol

Anonymous said...

I mounted it to a virtual drive and it says all it is is pictures...

Tweaq said...

i mounted it, and if you actually check the cd, its a .bin. and .raw (photoshop detects the .raw as an image), buts 900mb so i can't burn it.

Karl said...

do you know where i can find winrar? my comp crashed and i lost everything!" :) u dont really need to crack it to use it. i have the demo and it never bugs me. just right click on things and hit extract.. dont open them in winrar.

zey said...

thanks! =)

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