Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Thank You...

Thanks to everyone that's donated so far. Anyone know a good place to buy domains? I'm cheap and want the best deal possible. A domain will be bought very soon and I'm looking at a few good hosting options right now. Keep the donations coming, just click the paypal link on the sidebar. Thanks again...

ps- the tv shows will be added as soon as my damn free host lets me log on and update the page. >_<

Check out these amazing bongs. I want one :-/

I guess this is old, but I just found out about it. KnoppiXMAME is a bootable linux live cd made just for playing MAME roms. That means you can play 1,000's of arcade games at any computer anytime you want. Weee!

This page shows tons of Japanese emoticons. These are WAY better than ours. (^_^)

Bunch of pics of girls in the bathroom. It's weird and random... so I had to.

In case you didn't get see the free magazine link in today's earlier post, here it is again. Free Stuff(current subscribers only), Maxim(current subscribers only), Mens Journal and Golf Digest.

Commontunes.org hosts torrents of copyright-free music. Check it out.

"Man Kills Self By Sealing Mouth, Nose With Super Glue" hahaha... what a square.

The MMOG, Castle Infinity, was shut down... so fans of the game raided the companies dumpsters, retrieved the game servers and are now hosting it themselves. Amazing.

The world's gayest logos. WTF.. MTV is creating an all gay channel?! Will there still be gay s*** on the main mtv channels?... you know it. Bah!

PSP iTrip mod.

New flash game I found called Panda Ball. This game rules!

Summer Moon Illusion: The lowest-hanging full moon in 18 years (since June 1987) is going to play tricks on you this week. I'll be looking for this tonight.

Someone has re-invented the wheel!

List of things to do with your Mac Mini.

Episode 10 of thisWEEKinTECH is out now.

Learn how to get a free iPod dock or headphones... sneaky.

Random things to make and do.

Printable 30% off Coupon for Borders.

FREE 32MB thumb drive from IBM.

FREE $3 Starbucks gift card. Just fill out the form.

FREE Oscar Mayer ringtone for Cingular, AT&T Wireless,and T-Mobile subscribers.

Creative is making the Micro Photo. Micro > iPod Mini

Hah! It's a real thumb drive.

Create your own Converse shoe.


1.Britney Spears Eats For Two (comic avatar)
2.The Real 50 Cent DVD
3.King of the Hill Season 4
5.Pantera Discography
6.An Evening With John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess (LIVE)
7.Dream Theater - Arrow Festival (2005) (Bootleg)
8.SNES Roms [FULL SET] [11,399]
9.Tech TV - How to Build Your Own PC, VHS rip
10.Jet grind radio[Dreamcast]
11.Unlocking Mobile Phones Software - Nearly all Nokias
12.Lindsay Lohan - First (new music video )
13.Michael Jackson-Billie Jean Music Video
14.G3 - Live in Concert (1997) (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai & Eric Johnson)
15.Three 2005 Calendars (FHM, Pamela Anderson, & Carmen Electra)


Anonymous said...

Hey man try out ... www.godaddy.com 7.95 domain cost per yr.


Tweaq said...

DAMN karl, i was hoping no one woudl post the apple "scam" mostly so it doesn't get all the exposure and they stop doing it, just in case i really need somethign replace, lol.

Karl said...

haha its everywhere by now anyway... i thought the same thing tho. not like my sites huge anyway ;)

Anonymous said...

i was thinking, you can get a domain and link it to your blogspot.com address so it redirects to it, then you wont have to worry bout webspace, but you might ant to check your tos about it, but it would prob cost you less than ten bucks a year


Anonymous said...

If you use Omnis.com to register your web site, you can redirect it to your blogspot address for free. Domains are only $7.95. You can read all about it here.

Tweaq said...

d00d!!! i just got my DOCKS, something messed up and i got 2!!! and it says don't send em back. freaking sweet.

Karl said...

nice tweaq. i dont even have an ipod.. so thats of no use to me :-/

anyway.. about the site... i want to register a domain with http://www.domainsbyproxy.com. it's more expensive... but i think its worth it.

and thanks for the subdomain tiki :)

Tweaq said...

i got mine from freeipods, as im poor.

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