Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I never thought I'd go through 600+ GB of bandwidth ever let alone in one day but I guess no one ever plans on getting raped anyway... p.s. Dream Theater rules!


Cocky bike rider makes an ass out of himself. Watch!

Celine Dion as Michael Jackson... this is all wrong.

Toilets for large humans. Stop eating...

Michigan tries to outlaw Hemp flavored candy. They really must not have anything else better to do.

Put an end to people stealing your ice cream when you're not looking... maybe.

Change your Windows XP Home CD to XP Pro. I think this just makes it look like Pro but I guess it's still cool.

Remove the DRM from your iTunes Music Store purchases.

Dell's adding spyware to computers. Build your own computer!!

Pics of the first Mac mini clone are out... but how much will it be??

Slax Linux is a bootable ISO that fits on a 128MB USB key. I'll be using this.

Apple adds Tetris and other goodies to the next version of iPod Photo software.

"HackerMedia is a news source for the hacking/phreaking/geek media scene. Discover and download audio and video productions as soon as they come out." This is far better than TV or radio.

FREE subscription to 'Electronic House'.

Win tickets to an advanced screening of 'Bewitched' featuring Will Ferrell.

Top 5 torrents...

1. Alice in Wonderland + 'Pink Floyd - The Wall' Synchronized Never heard of this onebut I'm sure it's worth watching high.
2. Gone in 60 Seconds 1974 version!
3. Kaspersky Internet Security 2006 BEST Antivirus software on the market!
4. Miss Universe Pageant 2005
5. Foo Fighters - Discography VBR and 160kbps

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erika said...

1974 version of gone in 60 seconds is worth risking my computer freezing to D/L ;-)