Thursday, June 09, 2005

Mortal Kombat Sucks

X-Play and Systm direct downloads will be added to the TV shows section by the end of the day. Plenty more shows still to come.

The second release of Systm is out.

15 yr old interviews Linux Torvalds. Here's part one.

Nerds make better lovers. See, it says it right here.

This is fun... New exploit which crashes AIM through a buddy icon can be downloaded here. You have to run this on Trillian or GAIM or you'll crash yourself.

How to Make Your Own Totally Sweet Mario Question Blocks and Put Them Up Around Town

Comic of the Day

Picture of the Day

Adam Sessler's(G4 X-Play host) page has been hacked.

JamminJohns - toilet seats inspired by music instruments.

Tons of video game commercials.


1.Video Game Vixens
3.Be Cool (2005) DVDRip
4.Jordan Rudess Compilation 1993-2004 (10 Cds)
5.Dream Theater - 2 Fan Club CD's



Anonymous said...

nerds would make better lovers if they weren't all so scared of relationships

Tweaq said...

i'm not scared of relationships....just girls. lol. but IF any of the hotties wanna talk IM me or email me tweaq or hehehe

Karl said...


Chris said...

Hey man , reckon you coul dfind the soundtrack for star wars (the begging and perhaps the march song that sounds whenever darth vader is walking) cheers, need it for a litle project :-)

Tweaq said...,,

Karl said...

ok people... i dont think i'm doing a post today. ill just have a good one tomorrow.

and here you go chris

Star Wars - Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Motion Picture Soundtrack

G said...


Where do you get all your little icons from? I like them and want to use them if possible.


Karl said...

i make them myself then host them on my own webspace. feel free to use them. but DO NOT hotlink them(meaning using my webspace/link). use your own webspace and i have no problem at all.

Anonymous said...

hey guys...lets say a torrent for a program comes in 3 parts..(3 rar files) How do you extract them to get them to work? Im trying this, and I cant get it to work

Karl said...

u would usually extract the first part and the other 2 would follow by themselves and merge into one file.

Anonymous said...

even if i had to download all 3 parts seperately?

Karl said...

ive never heard of that. what exactly are u tryin to d/l. and from where?

Chris said...

Hey, cheers for that karl works great :-)

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