Saturday, June 04, 2005

Two Year Subscription to Maxim

Title says it all... here's the links...

Free 2 years of Maxim. Can't beat that... well, unless it was 3 years. I now get Maxim till atleast 2015. :)

Japanese scientists plan to dig to the center of the Earth. Yeah... good luck with that one...

Picture of the Xbox 360 next to the old Xbox. It's pretty small for what they have inside the thing. Sony PS3 loses!

More E3 booth babes. This never gets old...

Send those annoying AOL cds to the address on the site. Once they hit 1,000,000 they will drop them off in AOL's parking lot. HAH!

Miyamoto discusses what's wrong with the video game industry today. This is EXACTLY how I feel about today's games. +1 for Nintendo! is up and ready for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check it out.

Pretty entertaining thread on a Moderator killing two people.

Awesome flash game called POOM. Just play it... it's good. Post your scores.

10 torrents today!

1.New thisWEEKinTECH is out now! Podcast #7
2.LSD: The Beyond Within Weeeee ;-)
3.500+ Classic 80s Computer Games
4.Pain Of Salvation - Discography Amazing progressive rock band.
5.All Microsoft Windows Versions DVD
6.The Legend of Zelda Eps1-13
7.Foo Fighters Everywhere But Home DVDRiP
8.The Three Musketeers (1933) I like old stuff.
9.Slayer LIVE 1983 - Assassin
10.Dr. Dre - Detox **LEAKED SNIPPET** (59secs)


Anonymous said...

Your Maxim link isnt working =(

Karl said...

boo... seems likeu just missed it. it was working.

Anonymous said...

The moderator killing thing is a hoax.

Karl said...

"Anonymous said...

The moderator killing thing is a hoax."

indeed... but its still funny.

Anonymous said...

I can't get the Dr. Dre torrent to play in WMP...what am I missing

Anonymous said...

42/4850 about the best I can do. Fun game, though.

Karl said...

i havent downloaded the file myself(dr dre) what type of file is it? either way tho.. you shouldnt be using wmp for ANYTHING. it sux. i suggest winamp or itunes for music(each have their own advantages) and media player classic(its not wmp) for video. you can get mpc bundled with the 'k lite codec pack' which is something i also suggest.