Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Well.. this post was about 100x better till I hit the wrong button and lost everything. I refuse to start over... yay to loosing 4 hrs of time!!

everyone whos a member of Digg.com please digg this story. http://digg.com/design/Audioscrobbler_is_Now_www.Last.fm_

Free Hershey's Vintage T-Shirt... kinda. I call the Almond Joy one!

Microsoft reports that Vista will always 'run like new'... let's hope they're right.

Linens N Things has the Haier 1.8 Cu Ft Refrigerator with Freezer for $80 - 20% off coupon 884900000000 - $20MIR = $44. Select in store pickup to save on shipping. This is great for everyone in college... or whatever else.

Office Space Special Edition DVD comes out Nov. 1st!

Cool Google speakers.

Turn an original NES controller into a mouse!

Gentoo 2005.1 Officially Released

Aww this little boy dancing is soooo cute... until they find out he's gay in 10 years.

'The Textfile Directory' features over 50,000 textfiles from 1980 - 1995 with all sorts of info... have a look.

Guy films himself being followed by a coyote... weird.

Random Pic

Make a powerful pencil gun out of these simple office supplies.

Post your high scores for 'BMX Park'.

Fake your way into your next job with the Diploma Generator!

Looks like Audioscrobbler is changing their layout... I'm excited.

It's about time someone died of video games again. No one ever believes me when I tell them it's possible... So a big middle finger to all the doubters.

Sony PS3 Fans need to Buy a Microsoft Xbox 360?

Here's another 'hacked' Vivid account... get it while it lasts.

Diggnation episode 6(video) is out now. The video version is always better than just the audio.

Torrents... find your own torrents with this search engine.


Stephen Hawking said...

Haha I actually was scared by that coyote clip, I thought it was dodgy but turned my volume up higher hoping to see the wild coyote :(


Karl said...


Tweaq said...

damn you to hell karl. that one got me too. i usually pick up on when its one of those, but that got me. also nice on the vivid login!

Anonymous said...

you ass =\ that Wild Coyote video scared the shit out of me. I turned my volume all the way up because i couldn't hear anything at first.. ugh.

Aids said...

whew lucky for me i've witnessed that coyote clip before those clips can mess you up

Joe said...

haha... love that coyote clip.. i saw that months ago from its source at pussypoo.com

That guy redban has the best job in the world..

ZArl.. wassup wit da Aristocrats???


Aids said...

ahhh i cant save the videos on vivid so unfair

streetbeav3r said...

I suggest you try firefox: go to: TOOLS>PAGE INFO>MEDIA and browse through all the media on the displayed page. Once you select your "media" click the "Save As" button.
I havent tried it on that specific website, but it has worked for virtually all I have tried.

Hope it helps you all :)

Karl said...

the above should work.. just look for a mms:// "(object)" link.

Mishkin said...

I totally made those Officesupply guns with a ton of binder clips! They work really well! =D

Jeremy said...

I'll bet you $50 bucks that those vids on vivid are DRM'ed to hell. You'll probably only be able to view them twice. I myself don't watch that kind of stuff, so I wouldn't know. I know that's how most of those internet streamed stuff is though.

Karl said...

u owe us all $50 then. :) the files are streamed and can be watchedover and over again from the site. You can record the stream with RM recorder or WM recorder and save it to your hard drive to watch overand over again... no protection at all since they werent meant to be saved. :)

Jeremy said...

Well if you saved it directly from the mms:// stream and tryed to play it from windows media player, there'd probably be some type of DRM.

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