Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Me Again

Sorry for the lack of posts... it's summer and I'm lazy. Thanks to everyone who still visits the site daily, I'm sure I've lost some readers due to all of this. Anyway... Andy Milonakis episode 6 will be on here by tonight(such a hard time getting it, now I have to reencode and upload). Also, is anyone into Saturn emulation? I can't get Nights to play on Cassini so someone help.

So my friend Tiki from posted an elevator hack that's probably hit every site in the world by now. Do me a favor and DIGG his story along with visiting his site.

It looks like the CVS disposable video camera has officially been hacked. Now I need to buy one before they take them off the shelves.

Stupid Girl Part 3 is out on Mackin' with Pappy.

"You might be a computer geek if..." I'm guilty of a few of these.

Why I Will Never Have A Girlfriend...

Best IT job ever. Is this real?!

Turn your baby into an iPod. I just ordered one for me in blue.

Charlie Murphy: "Chappelle's Is Over"

All 13 DefCon presentations... man, I wish I was there. :(

Trillian has a major flaw in securing Yahoo passwords... now go steal someones account. :)

Looks like the Xbox 360 will sell for $299.

Amazon has the RAZR phone for free after $150 MIR and a 1yr activation through T-Mobile... not bad.


Tweaq said...

btw i knew about that elevator hack ALONG time ago.

Anonymous said...

that's cool. i'm pretty sure u know of a lot of things before other people. and btw, i knew there was a space between "A" and "LONG" before u did. wow. i'm awesome too!


Anonymous said...


Aids said...

some stella would be nice