Sunday, August 07, 2005

Funny 'Out for Justice' Clip


My friends and I watch this clip atleast once a week... it's in my top 5 video clips of all time. Just watch and laugh... if you don't think it's funny you're no friend of mine.
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Aids said...

my god that was hilarious some grade A acting and accents going around I think Segal and "Mr. Sticks" should audition for Stomp

Karl said...

notice the ppl yelling in the background during the sticks fight... too good.

also when he elbows the bartender in the face. no, the sound isnt delayed on the video... it's really that bad in the actual movie :)

Simey said...

Nah! Come on you guys, that's one great clip! Seagal at his finest, back in the day when he did fight scenes for real, without recourse to quick film editing and stunt doubles.

Aids said...

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Tania0110 said...

very funny!!