Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Free Subscription to Best Life*dead*

best life

Here's a free 2 year subscription to Best Life Magazine. I just started receiving mine... it's pretty good, especially since its free.


aids said...

instant sex!? sounds promising not much of a mag reader but i just might look into this

MysteryPointlessStory said...

The cow mooed. The farmer got annoyed. He shot the cow. The cow died. The farmer was happy. The other cows mooed. The farmer went insane. The cows took over the house and ate all the food. They found burgers in the freezer and ate them. They liked them. The cows became cannibles and ate the cows from other farms. When all the cows were gone, they ate each other. Finally there was one cow left. He ate himself. The farmer came home and vowed never to buy cows again. Then he realized he couldn’t even if he wanted to because his cows ate all the other cows.


Tweaq said...

gotta love free...but the link is dead :( i've started getting stuff. its pretty good; better than i thought it would be.