Thursday, August 04, 2005

One of my new favorite flash games... Dad n' Me.

Picture of the Xbox 360's retail box.

"The Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide" Great guide showing everything you need to know about setting up BIOS correctly.

Diggnation episode 5 video is out now!

Random pic of the day...

Super fun flash game. Makes you think... BEWARE

Awesome Nintendo keychains. No clue where to get em but I want the Ballon fight one.

Wow, a picnic table for your pool. I want an Aquapub... and a pool....

FREE energy drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

World of Warcraft Village People Video

Here's a great torrent search site... below are the daily torrents.

Lords of Dogtown Screener
Ruff Ryders-The Redemption Vol 4-(Retail)-2005
Stella S01E06
Mitch Hedberg stand up
SlaYers EvoX Auto-Installer v2 6 FINAL
Mad Magazine 121-140
Viva La Bam - Jackass On MTV VMA 2002 with Eminem
Playboy Lingerie Magazine(special edition)08-09 2005 PDF


BeaverTerminator said...

nice torrents, I didn't know you were into xbox modding too!

Karl said...

i'm into a little bit of everything ;)

Anonymous said...

found the place were you can buy one


Anonymous said...

or here

Karl said...

nice find :)

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