Saturday, August 06, 2005

Madden '06 Out For Download!


Well, here it is... probably the biggest game of the year is now out for download for PS2 and XBOX. This release is 2 days early... hope you have a modchip. Enjoy (^_^)

Torrent Links
Madden '06 PS2 Download
Madden '06 XBOX Download


Blurrz said...

Not possible to play these on a PC, right? Anyone know when the PC version comes out? A month later like usual? BLAH!

Karl said...

PC version comes out the 17th... so maybe a torrent next week?

Blurrz said...

Yeah I just found that out, thanks!

Anonymous said...

can ya get a nontorrent one?

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Anonymous said...

haha this has to be the best one yet terrific keep em coming


Stephen Hawking said...

In teh UK nobody watches (or even has access) to american football. We get english football (or soccer) which is so fucking overrated its untrue.

I'd get it though if I had a mod chip :'(

Stephen Hawking said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Blurrz said...

Thanks for the effort, but that's Madden '05, not '06.

BeaverTerminator said...

@stephen hawking, if you have an xbox, you can play it without a modchip. Its called a softmod and its much safer than soldering a chip. I sold my chip and got a softmod, works great :)

Anonymous said...

First off. Wtf is a modchip? Second of all: Hawkings: you do have access to "American football." Check channel 4 (I believe it is four) every Sunday during the season about 1 AM for the game of the week. Or check out the "American bar" in Trafalgur square. Bitch.

Karl said...

be nice :-p

and a modchip is a 'chip' u solder into the ps2/xbox to allow the console to read burnt cds/dvds... therefore you could just download the game, burn it, then play it like it was the real thing.

there are actually ways to do it without a modchip but i'll discuss that another time.

you or anyone.. if anyone has a question, comment, wants to talk shit... feel free to IM me.


Anonymous said...

It's Madden '05 you dipshits

Karl said...

the torrents fake??

Stephen Hawking said...

off-topic but karl what do you use to make your thumbnail images? Its a pain doing them manually and I can't find any good programs to do it :'(

KG said...

might be a dumb question.....but would I just download that Madden torrent and just burn it to disk as is? I'm in Korea and had a chip installed down here so i'm pretty sure it would work but is that all i'd have to do?.....KG

Karl said...

well someone mentioned its madden 05.. but i dont see how.. i duno.. but yes. the filewould either be an .iso or a .bin and .cue. u'd just burn the image to dvd and ur all set.

@Stephen Hawking

Blurrz said...


I was responding to the guy who posted the PC Madden link. His comment is above mine (a little bit up), and it appears it's been deleted.

I have no idea if the links Karl posted are fake; in fact, I think they are real because I've seen them on other sites.

Sorry for the confusion!

Karl said...

thanks for clearing that up :)

Anonymous said...

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golfing-babes said...

the top torrent search available anywhere! didn't you say you needed some , Karl ?