Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Slow Day

Seems like a boring day for good info. Here's what I got...

The dirtiest joke ever told!! Thanks for the video Joe. Submit your version of "The Dirtiest Joke Ever Told" to
or msg Joe through AIM @ Funkly Mang

These game designers bring cell shading to the N64... amazing!

Here's a thread on how to 'hack' RapidShare and never have to wait again.

So I was using Google Images to find a RapidShare logo...

Random Pic

Sex n Fun weblog... the name is very fitting.

Awesome video of a camouflaged octopus.

Search with GoogleX... check out the fun toolbar.

Hack your life.

Use your PC to copy games onto your PS2 hard drive.

How to build a laptop.


Ong Bak Full DVD
Microsoft Plus Digital Media Edition
The Real World S16E09
Stella S01E07
Michael Jackson - Number Ones
final fantasy tactics
The Juliana Theory - Live 10 13 2001
The Dukes Of Hazzard TELESYNC SVCD-maVen Best Version Out
ter V [iTunes PreOrder w/ Video and Digital booklet]
PSP Hacking 101 - Episode 2
How High [DVD] - [widescreen - NTSC]
Attack Of The Show - Attack Of The Show 08 08 05 rm
Nightline - Peter Jennings Tribute - 2005.08.08
Laguna Beach S02E03
D Block Presents - Tha Block Is Hot
Family Guy Season 1 DVDR XviD
Family Guy Season 2 DVDR XviD
Family Guy Season 3 DVDR XviD


Blurrz said...

Thanks! We'll see if this rapidshare stuff works.

Stephen Hawking said...

RapidShare hack = WINNAR

No more waiting for me!

Karl said...

ive never had to wait more then 30 sec for a file.. and what do u guys even download on there? i got a few premium account logins today... but I see no use for it.

aids said...

um pornos

love the aristocrats joke gotta see the movie

Karl said...

LOGIN: 20694
PASSWORD: 8455348

there's a login. i believe that account has reached its daily limit.. so find out what hour rapidshare considers a 'new day' and get downloadin'.

aids said...

hmm i tried to use a login and password now whenever i use rapidshare i cant download anything it just says legal steps might be takin against you

Karl said...

heh sorry ;)

clear your cookies and use this one
Login: 39609
Pass: 1266097

aids said...

alright good to go

MysteryPointlessStory said...

Well said, Tom, it is a black art. I've seen lots of rigs with their
tires not "aired down" far enough, but can't remember ever seeing one
with the tires too low.

I know that some guys must "air down" too far, but I don't recall ever
seeing that. I've also seen and experienced damaged rims and sidewalls,
but none of those can be attributed to too-low tire pressures.

I've mentioned before that one of the best experiences in my life was out
on the beaches South of Cape Hatteras, but I was in my Grand Cherokee and
really didn't want to have to find some place to air up after we were
through playing. I knew better because I've been messing around in
California sand for longer than Tommy's mother has been alive, nah not
that long, but I was looking for a more dramatic comparison than my usual
one with Tom's youth.

Anyway, I got down in other guy's ruts and bottomed out so that all 4
tires just spun free. Not much point in reducing tire pressure now. A
father and son came along in a 2WD pickup with bulgy side-wall tires,
took pity on me, commented that my winch wouldn't do much good unless I
got something to winch to, whistled at a guy coming by in an old Datsun
4WD, told him to get in position for anchoring, and pulled my winch cable
for me as I let the air out of my tires so that when I got off high
center I wouldn't repeat the episode. I winched myself about 3 feet kind
of sideways so that I was off the high center, thanked all concerned and
drove off with no more trouble.

If the circumstances had been reversed, I would have helped them, but I
would also have laughed at the dummy that hadn't "aired down" and had a
winch he couldn't use in his expensive vehicle, but those guys never even
snickered. I thank them and I owe them.

Five years later, on this last trip we made, it was reinforced in my mind
that most Southerners are really nice people. (Maybe all, but I didn't
want to overgeneralize)

John H. who even has the "airing down" adaptors so he can put them on and
they let the air pressure down automatically, if he bothers to use them.

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