Monday, August 08, 2005

Who's the Boxer?

Well I hope atleast some of you enjoyed that 'Out for Justice' clip I posted yesterday. Here's some random links...

Diggnation episode 6(audio) is available now.

Episode 17 of thisWEEKinTECH is available for download.

ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings died yesterday, in his home, at age 67.

Over 30 Mario Bros. tricks and glitches explained.

"Gene Sequence for Super Spider Silk Discovered" It's about time they figured this out...

Check out the Funky Sweet Chicken Show on how to use your PSP and VNC to control your PC. You may remember these guys from an earlier post... here's part one and two.

Random Pic... wow.

Here's a how-to for hacking that CVS video camera.

Free illuminated pen... just use the code 'guest' to enter.

Heretic has been ported to the Nintendo DS.

Hacking those web-based game score lists may not be totally safe.

How to build a poker table.

Build your own telescope.

Here's a blog kept by a serial sex killer... isn't that fun?

'New-School' NES and SNES w/ wireless controllers!

LinkTrack is a service that allows you to see exactly who clicks on links in your AIM profile.

Free NEC baseball hat.


miles davis rare and unissued march 22 1960
Viva La Bam S05E07
King Crimson - Three of a Perfect Pair
Punkd S05E07
Entourage S02E10
Pimp My Ride S04E07
50 cent -piggy bank video (not released)
death-5 studio albums
Shenmue 2 - Dreamcast
PC Magazine - August 23 2005
And1 - MixTape 7
How to Get the Truth Out of Anyone(pdf)
Albert Hofmann - LSD my problem child pdf
The Worlds Biggest Secrets(pdf)
Beavis and Butt-Head Season 1(with pilots)
Aria Giovani follando [DVDrip CD 2]
Windows XP Repair Guide pdf
Computer Shopper Magazine - Issue 306 September 2005
Adriana Lima - Commercial
King Crimson - Discography
Dream Theater 2004_07_05_These Tormenting Ghosts of Yesterday DVD


Blurrz said...

Good stuff as usual.

Stephen Hawking said...

I got a free illuminated pen, Woohoo! I tried that HoverSnap and its a pretty good program - its defiantly better than what I was using before..

Also, do you know when you'll have Andy Milonakis E07 up? ;) Cheers.

Karl said...

thanks blurrz and glad to know the program worked SH.

andy milonakis will be up soon enough. :)

Joe said...

wow that blog was some demented crap... keep up the good posts!!

Aids said...

RIP peter you had a beautiful voice