Friday, July 08, 2005

Paper Clips

People who do not have a single paper clip in their house need to remove themselves from this site. That is all...

Haha... Turn your Doberman into a Poodle!

Complete list of Family Guy Torrents.

Funny blog with pictures of stuff on peoples cats. What have you put on your cat today?

First baby has been born from within the internet!

This guy runs around lifting up girls skirts then pulling their underwear down. It looks like it's in Japan, so I guess he can get away with that. Apparently Japanese women don't wear thongs...

Idiot of the day...

Play the funky truck flash game.

Skype will have four free SkypeOut days this month. This is normally a service they charge for.

Download all the 'forbidden' Family Guy clips FOX removed from the DVD's.

1,500 sheep jump off a cliff in Turkey. Dumb sheep...

NES belt buckle made from a real controller! weeeee


1.War Of The Worlds TC XViD Great quality!!
2.Prodigy-Their Law-The Singles1990-2005
3.Jay-Z - Rare and Unreleased
4.Windows XP Pro SP2 2005-07-04 Most up-to-date XP release.
5.E.T. (1982) divx.DVD-Rip [ENG]
6.Clipse - Grindin' Music Video
7.John Petrucci - Rock Discipline
8.Globe Skateboarding Movie
9.Mattel Intellivision & Aquarius Roms [276] [FULL SET]
10.ColecoVision & Coleco Adam Roms [341] [FULL SET]


Anonymous said...


Master Drew said...

ok now... you said to get Opera and so I did. And I hate it so far. The only reason I new how to spel Opera is because there is a freaking huge banner flashing that says " BUY OPERA TOTAY! And make this banner go away." Well, Mr. Opera programmer I know of another way to make that banner go away...§-Firefox-§

Do you know of any other way?

bob 4 pres said...

College text books cost too much.. and we all hate bookstores for the fortune they make off of all of us ::::
So do us all a favor please... and post for us college kids

Anonymous said...

hmm, another opera hater, and a guy named bob trying to prote his site, and i dont have a paperclip, soo i am requesting 2 of them via sanil mail.. -tiki

Karl said...

heh.. he hates opera cuz theres banners which can easily be removed with a keygen. perhaps i'll post one one day... but until then, try google.


those def aren't valid opera 8.0+ keys.. nope... i wouldnt try using them to remove the banner if i were u...

Anonymous said...