Thursday, July 21, 2005

Look Who's Back...

Tuesday night I go to the bar, get drunk and leave around 2AM which was then 2 hours into my birthday. Wasn't ready to go home yet so I decided this would be a good time to trip... hah! So around 2:30AM Pete and I walk into a 24HR CVS (pretending to cough so I seem legit...) and I buy some CVS brand Maximum Strength Cough Syrup which was only 5.99... you really can't beat that. I downed the entire bottle before we left the parking lot which now makes me quiver just thinking about it... nasty stuff. We continued to drive around for about 40 minutes before I decided it was a good time to hit some bongs to set the trip into gear. I pack it up and we both hit it a few times, still driving of course, then I sat back and waited for everything to kick in. About 15 minutes later I have no clue whats going on besides recognizing the music that was on and attempting to drum along... 30 minutes later(I think) and I'm 100% gone.. no clue what was going on bsides the fact that I was in a car... but didn't understand why. I thought about packing the bong again but thought it was best to start heading back towards home since I was scared, of what... I really don't know. On the way home I feel sick so while Pete's driving about 60MPH's and maybe even on a few turns... I stick my head out the window and throw up for about 5 minutes while laughing at myself since it was so ridiculous. After that I felt somewhat better and had a better idea of what was going on in the world. I noticed I made a huge mess on the outside of Pete's car and decided we should hose it down. I had every intention of doing this but wasn't able to get out of the car when we stopped, so Pete did it. At this point I felt like dying and thought it'd be best if i died in the comfort of my own home so I had him drop me off. I didn't know I wasn't able to walk so it took me about 15 minutes to get to the back of my house and walk up to my room. I fell into my bed and really haveno clue what happened after that... probably some life changing dreams which I was unable to remember when I woke up. I was so sick when I got up that I had to cancel a lunch date with someone and couldn't even think about food until about 10PM that day. Besides that wonderful story, the other highlight of the day was Gretchen taking me to see the new Willy Wonka movie then buying me pudding pops(those were on my bday list you know...). Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, you know who you are... and for those that didn't... BOOOOO. Here's some links finally. Weeeeeeeeeeee!!

Random pic of the day.

If you watched the FromtheShadows video I linked to the other day you probably want to know how you too can make red lights change to green whenever you want... so here's how.

Ask Morris seems to be down for unknown reasons but this Mackin' with Pappy blog posts some old Q&A's from the man himself along with some hilarious original material... I suggest visiting this site if you want a good laugh.

Every single South Park for download. Enjoy

Cracking WPA in 10 easy steps with WHAX which is a somewhat new Linux Live CD based off Slackware. This is one of the reasons I haven't been updating recently...

EGM sent out a spy to EB games, Toys R Us, Best Buy, and GameStop to find out which workers knew what they were talking about and which were full of lies... it's pretty funny how dumb people are.

This faggot already has an Xbox 360... boooooooo.

A friend of mine has a great downloadable show covering all sorts of tech stuff. Check out the first 3 episodes and prepare for episode four which is coming soon.

Get it while it still works. Here's a hacked login for Over 450 movies... enjoy.

Here's an amazing case mod. Wow.

Here's the full video of that guy getting ripped in half. I've never seen the full clip before. Watch this!! OUCH

Torrents... I'm waiting for the good release of wedding crashers. Only poor quality torrents as of now... maybe tomorrow.

1.Charlie And The Chocolate Factory VCD
2.Charlie And The Chocolate Factory-SoundTrack-2005
3.Playboy MagaZine - February 2, 2005 - German Edition
4.Mind of Mencia S01E03 If you haven't seen this.. watch it!
5.NWA - Straight Outta Compton (1988)
6.GBA Roms 0001-0500
7.GBA Roms 0500-1000
8.Stella S01E04
9.Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Soaked
10.07-27-01 - Howard Stern E! Show - AJ Benza Vs. Stuttering John
11.PS2 Hacked USB Extreme and HD Tools Swap Magic Tricks etc Read the description...
12.make your friends computer go funny lots of pragrams of all differend sorts
13.Dangerous Secrets of Google Searching
14.Fantastic 4 SVCD CAM-BaPH Best version out IMO.
15.Timothy Leary - How to Operate Your Brain (1993) avi


Anonymous said...

that vivid link is awsome!

Anonymous said...

yayyy porn

Anonymous said...

they are educational videos...

Wes said...

4th episode of andy milonakis anywhere?

dipsom767 said...

Wlcome glad you enjoyed your bday

Tweaq said...

hehehe w00t. so you CAN'T download them?? wrong! go to watch the movie. right click anywhere on the page and go to page info. go to media, and scroll down until you find the type:embeded. then click that and click save as. w00ty

Karl said...

good call tweaq... but i believe thats only if u use firefox correct? i of course use opera :) so i use a prog called WMrecorder that d/l's streams. probably works the same. id rather stream em and save space tho. Ive found that the real media versions load the fastest and let u skip around the best ;).

andy milonakis is on the way guys.

Blurz said...

I don't follow tweaq's instructions (and I have FireFox). I've tried right-clicking on the main page that lists all the movies, on the movie page, and also on the pop-up window that launches the media player, but I can't find any "type: embedded" files. They're all Image or Background. A little help?

P.S. - Happy belated birthday Karl!

Mike said...

Karl man..remove that one with the guy getting ripped...thats just some fucked up shit.

Awesome otherwise...good to have you back.

Tweaq said...

you click through to where you are actually watching the video. click on a blank part of the page, and go to view page info. then click on the media tab, and scroll through until you find the "embed", under type. then you click that and click on save as. sometimes you have to close out of the video window for the save as dialog box to come up.

ThrockNorton said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
brookhaven said...

What is the pass to the Playboy MagaZine.

Been coming to your blog for a couple of weeks and I just wanna say that this blog is great.

Karl said...

the password is ''

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