Thursday, July 07, 2005

And I'm Back

I took a nice little vacation from this site and my computer the past few days... it was needed. I was getting pretty sick of looking at this damn thing and might have went crazy. Friday night I headed to Philly to beat the Live 8 traffic. Took forever to park but it could have been worse. Two hours into getting there, my friend Pete and I werre tripping face. Hah, that was a great time... from about 12am - 4am I had no idea what was going on and loved every second of it. Saturday I was woken up at 9am (>_<) since everyone was super excited about gay Live 8. They all got ready... I watched TV... the walked to Live 8... I stayed to watch TV. As you can see, I wasn't there to see the bands. Around 4PM I decided to walk over and see Jay Z but he ended up playing with Linkin Park so that was gay. My friends wanted those stupid Live 8 braclets so I ended up walking into the center of the madness... there were times I wanted to kill myself, so many people. Blah blah blah... live 8 sucked... no one died. Sunday was the 'big July 4th party' which was not-so-big but I grilled many burgers so all was well. Monday we headed back to Philly for the July 4th festivities. Parking was a mess and I almost went back home. We finally decided to park illegally... we later found out the entire city did the same thing, wow was that a mess. The parade was probably the worst thing I've seen in my entire life and had absolutely nothing to do with the 4th of July. We went back to my friends apt. after that horrible event... they wanted to go back to see Elton John, I stayed there. I went outside to smoke a cigarette only to find that every street in sight was jammed with cars since people literally parked their cars in the middle of the street to watch the fireworks... that's Philly for ya. So yeah.. my weekend was gay but I enjoyed myself. For random silly pictures of some of it, check out my friends fotki page. Be sure to check out the first few 4th of July pics... theres a lady with the fattest legs I've ever seen on a human.

I've added episode 3 of the current Family Guy season to the TV Shows page(the rest will be up soon) and below this post is the new Andy Milonakis Show which was hilarious, yes I know he's not a kid... get the f*** over it.

Real wooden iPod. Neat!

Http download for the new TWIT podcast, episode 12. (right click and save-as)

Phone Phreaking is still around!

Download links to all the Live 8 videos from all over the world. Check out this site before it goes down!

More weird novelty USB drives... why????

Free subscription to Scene Magazine for all you trendy fags.

Violence in video games deemed good. The author was friends with the victoms and killers of Columbine.

NEC ND-3520A-KIT-BG 16X Dual Layer DVD±RW DVD Burner w/Nero Software for $39 with FREE shipping. Not a bad deal for a nice burner.

No one stalks me yet but feel free to start with Wendy's stalking techniques.

Another great quote. This might be the ultimate geek site...

Real-life Transformer w/ video!

Pictures of the world's largest cheeseburger. I'll have one...

Customize your own M&M's... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

US rules all porn is child porn... what?! This is bad news for the porn industry.... and me.

Opera adds support for BitTorrent! Opera > Firefox (^_^)

Google boxers! For when you're feeling lucky...

Feel as if this site is wasting your time(of course not!)? Well don't worry... an extra second will be added to the end of 2005.

Windows XP Calculator Edition

The 13 most overrated songs of all time. This is sure to cause some arguments... I love it.

Flickr album of the London bombing which happened earlier today.

More creepy robot cats from Japan... this ones from Sega.

The 100 worst movies of all time on

Team Xecuter mod allows downgrading of PSP firmware.

The Official Family Guy Movie Press Release.

Well here's the dumbest thing I've ever seen... World Jump Day. They want 600,000,000 people to all jump at once to shift the Earth's orbit to end global warming. Yeah ok...

Fun tennis game similar to pong.

Funny flash clip going over some well know email 'scams'.

Think you know your European geography?... doubt it.

Click the thumbnail for a GREAT list of current torrent sites. Here's your daily torrents.

1.Family Guy Live In Vegas Bonus DVDrip
2.Best of TheScreenSavers
3.The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Season 3
4.Attack Of The Show 07 05 05
5.Beavis and Butthead EVERY EPISODE EVER MADE
7.All Final Fantasy Albums
8.Robot Chicken S01E18
10.Entourage S02E05


Anonymous said...

ill be checking all the torrent sites on september 27

Tweaq said...

and YES phreaking is still around., we have live shows on saturday at 11est. also

yurchie said...

duude, that Mini transformer is sweeeeet, getting in touch with my engineer geeky side on that one! nice site btw.

Denis (Myspace)

Anonymous said...

i got 24 outta 45 on that europe thingy :O( 54 percent.. at least i got half -tiki

Anonymous said...


tiki sucks.

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