Thursday, November 10, 2005

Fun Links to Share

More awesome stuff from Japan which I'll never have! Nintendo POW block speakers!!!

Linksys is coming out with a wireless g cell phone. I'll be buying this thing.

Why... <--- eff'd up picture. You know you wanna see it.

wedding bloopers They all faint... how silly!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rambo 4 is coming! (O_O)

Nice cop car

creepy is coming back soon... get ready for it.

Speaking of torrents... here's a nice multi-torrent search site.

Last night's South Park. South Park S09 E11 *fixed*

Last night's Lost. Lost S02 E06

Dell Axim x50/x50v Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrade. Get it here


Anonymous said...

awesome, you should keep this shit up. I find myself checking your site everyday for an update...I think its one of the best out there.

Anonymous said...

Why did you post that "Why" picture?

Anonymous said...

i agree the "Why..." never be seen. ever. never. please dont ever post something like that again

Karl said...

i warned u :-p your fault for looking. it's not like i lied :)

Anonymous said...

if this site wasnt so amazingly awesome, i think that pic would make not want to come here anymore